iPhone 15 Pro Max Zooms In: A Close Look at the Latest Camera Feature

By Narcis Baraiac, Published November 10, 2023, 9:00 AM EST

Apple's newest flagship, the iPhone 15 Pro Max, has taken the world by storm with its impressive 5x telephoto camera capabilities. Users have been quick to share their experiences on platforms like TikTok, showcasing the device's ability to zoom in on distant subjects.

iPhone 15 Pro Max Zoom
Photo: A comparison of zoom-in abilities between the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung S23 Ultra. Image source: Business Insider

Recently, TikTok has become a hub for iPhone 15 Pro Max users to exhibit the phone's 5x zoom prowess. Videos range from capturing live performances at concerts to zooming in on city skylines from high-flying airplanes. One notable clip even compares the iPhone 15 Pro Max to its competitor, the Samsung S23 Ultra.

However, the excitement from iPhone users has been met with some pushback from Samsung enthusiasts. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra claim that their devices have boasted similar super-zoom capabilities since February, well before the iPhone 15 Pro Max hit the market.

Released on September 23, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is part of the iPhone 15 lineup. While the iPhone 15 Pro offers a 3x zoom, the Pro Max takes it up a notch with its 5x zoom feature.

Comparatively, the Samsung S23 Ultra, released on February 17, comes at the same price point of $1,199. It boasts a 200-megapixel sensor, the ability to record 8k video at 30 frames per second, and a camera with an impressive 10x zoom.

Despite the competition, users of the iPhone 15 Pro Max express their satisfaction with its zoom-in abilities. Videos capturing details of the moon, live performances, and iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge have flooded social media platforms.

@anthony.xavier @coldplay at Rose Bowl #iphone15promax #coldplay ♬ original sound - AnthonyXavier
Comparison video on TikTok showcasing the zoom capabilities of iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung S23 Ultra.

While the zoom feature is a significant factor, it's essential to note that there's more to a phone than its zoom capabilities. For those prioritizing the furthest zoom range, the Samsung S23 Ultra seems to have the upper hand. However, Apple enthusiasts are likely to find the iPhone 15 Pro Max's features, beyond the camera, equally compelling.

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