Shipping Costs for Sellers on techfare

Updated January 31, 2024

At techfare, we value our sellers and aim to provide a hassle-free selling experience. As a Seller on techfare, you'll be pleased to know that shipping is currently completely FREE for your sold listings. This means that you can list your technology devices for sale without incurring any shipping costs.

We understand the importance of providing a cost-effective solution for our sellers, and our commitment to keeping shipping costs free is a testament to that dedication. It's our way of supporting you in reaching a wider audience of tech enthusiasts and potential buyers.

Please keep in mind that while shipping is currently free, as techfare continues to grow and evolve, there may be potential changes to our pricing structure in the future. However, rest assured that any changes will be communicated transparently, and we remain committed to offering competitive and fair pricing options that benefit both our sellers and buyers.

At techfare, we are dedicated to creating a platform that empowers both sellers and buyers in the ever-changing technology marketplace. If you have any questions or concerns about our pricing, shipping policies, or any other aspect of selling on techfare, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're here to assist you and ensure your techfare experience is a successful one.