Bose QuietComfort Ultra

October 3, 2023

Bose QuietComfort Ultra
Bose QuietComfort Ultra front bottom case using
Bose QuietComfort Ultra front bottom case using
Bose QuietComfort Ultra front bottom case using
  • sandstone-icon Sandstone
  • black-icon Black
  • white-smoke-icon White Smoke
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$429

    Weight9 oz | 255.15 grams

    Battery Life24 hours

    Battery Charge Time3 hours

    Noise Cancelling (Active)Yes

    Sound ModeStereo

    Connection TypeWireless, Wired (USB-C)

    Product Description

    Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with the QuietComfort Ultra headphones from Bose. Boasting breakthrough spatial audio technology, these premium wireless headphones redefine how you perceive sound, placing it in front of you for a remarkably lifelike listening experience. Featuring CustomTune technology, the headphones analyze your ear shape to deliver personalized audio performance that hits every note with precision.

    Crafted with luxurious materials, including plush ear cushions and an evenly distributing headband, these headphones offer unparalleled comfort during extended wear. With advanced Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity and seamless integration with the Bose Music app, you can easily connect to your devices and customize your listening experience. Available in stylish Bose Black, Smoke White, and Sandstone, the QuietComfort Ultra headphones combine sophisticated design with unparalleled sound quality, making them the perfect companion for music lovers and audiophiles alike.

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