Apple Vision Pro

February 2, 2024

Apple Vision Pro
Apple Vision Pro Front Rear Side Wearing
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    Product Details

    Operarating SystemvisionOS

    Displays23 million pixels

    Weight21.2 - 22.9 oz (600 - 650 grams)

    BatteryUp to 2 hours of general use

    ChipsM2 Chip (16GB unified memory) | R1 Chip (256GB/s memory bandwidth)

    Retail Price$3,500 - (256 GB) | $3,699 - (512 GB) | $3,899 - (1 TB)

    Product Description

    Introducing the Apple Vision Pro, a quantum leap into the future of immersive technology. This cutting-edge headset boasts a sleek design, featuring a custom micro-OLED display system that harnesses a staggering 23 million pixels, delivering visuals that redefine reality itself. Immerse yourself in a world of personalized sound with strategically positioned dual-driver audio pods, ensuring you stay connected with your surroundings. The groundbreaking eye tracking system, powered by infrared and LED technology, elevates interactive experiences to unprecedented heights, while high-resolution cameras deliver a billion pixels per second for a mesmerizing ultra HD perspective.

    With the robust M2 chip at its core, visionOS runs seamlessly, executes complex computer vision algorithms, and produces breathtaking graphics. But the innovation doesn't stop there – the Vision Pro's magnetic Light Seal, breathable 3D-knitted headband, and customizable Zeiss Optical Inserts ensure unparalleled comfort. Plus, an on-the-go external battery guarantees two hours of usage, with all-day power when plugged in. Experience cinematic bliss with Spatial Audio and transform your workspace with perfectly sized apps. All these revolutionary features are elegantly housed in a design that proudly showcases your eyes, a testament to Apple's commitment to innovation. Set to launch in 2024, the Apple Vision Pro starts at a retail price of $3500, inviting you to step boldly into the future.

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