Google Pixel 6

October 19, 2021

Pixel 6
Pixel 6 Front Side
Pixel 6 Front Side
Pixel 6 Front Side
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    Product Details

    Display Size6.45” | 163.9 mm

    Resolution2400 x 1080 px; 411 ppi

    Weight7.3 oz | 207 grams

    Height6.24” | 158.6 mm

    Width2.94” | 74.8 mm

    Retail Price$599 (128 GB) - $699 (256 GB)

    Product Description

    The Google Pixel 6 is a standout device with its impressive features. It has a stylish design, including wide and ultrawide lenses and an OLED display with dual rear cameras.

    The phone offers smarter voice typing and Live Translate for effective communication. Powered by the latest Android 12 system and a dedicated processor, it ensures smooth performance. The Pixel 6 supports fast charging, is carrier-unlocked, and can be personalized. With multiple models to choose from, it has made a strong impression since its 2021 launch.

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