Google Pixel 8 Pro

October 12, 2023

Pixel 8 Pro
Pixel 8 Pro Front Rear Side
Pixel 8 Pro Front Rear Side
Pixel 8 Pro Front Rear Side
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    Product Details

    Display Size6.7” | 170.18 mm

    Resolution2992 x 1344 px; 489 ppi

    Weight7.51 oz | 213 grams

    Height6.4” | 162.6 mm

    Width3.01” | 76.5 mm

    Retail Price$999 (128 GB) - $1,059 (256 GB) - $1,179 (512 GB) - $1,399 (1 TB)

    Product Description

    The Pixel 8 Pro, featuring Google AI and the ultimate Pixel Camera, is a powerhouse of innovation. With a 6.7" Super AMOLED display, it offers Pixel's brightest visuals ever.

    Its fully upgraded camera system includes a 50 MP main camera, 48 MP ultrawide, 48 MP telephoto, and a 10.5 MP front camera for stunning photos and videos. Pro controls empower your creativity, and Night Sight ensures exceptional low-light photography. Advanced video processing and editing, along with unique features like Magic Editor and Audio Magic Eraser, redefine your multimedia experience. Plus, enjoy the convenience of Google AI for everyday tasks and top-notch security features.

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