Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

February 25, 2022

Galaxy S22 Ultra
Galaxy S22 Ultra Front Rear Side
Galaxy S22 Ultra Front Rear Side
Galaxy S22 Ultra Front Rear Side
Galaxy S22 Ultra Front Rear Side
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    Product Details

    Height6.43” | 163.3 mm

    Width3.07” | 77.9 mm

    Display Size6.8” | 172.72 mm

    Resolution3088 x 1440 px; 500 ppi

    Weight8.04 oz | 228 grams

    Product Description

    The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a groundbreaking smartphone that pushes boundaries with its impressive features.

    Powered by a blazing-fast 4nm processor, it offers unparalleled performance and speed. The Nightography camera captures stunning photos even in low-light conditions, while the all-day battery ensures you never run out of power. For the first time in the Galaxy S series, it comes with a built-in S Pen, allowing for enhanced creativity and productivity. The design is sleek and elegant, with mirrored lens rings and a polished frame. With its advanced camera system, powerful performance, and innovative features, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is a true flagship device.

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