Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

August 11, 2023

Galaxy Z Fold5
Galaxy Z Fold5 Front Rear Camera
Galaxy Z Fold5 Front Rear Camera
Galaxy Z Fold5 Front Rear Camera
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    Product Details

    Height6.1” | 154.9 mm

    Width5.11” | 129.9 mm

    Display Size7.6” | 193.04 mm

    Resolution2176 x 1812 px; 373 ppi

    Weight8.92 oz | 253 grams

    Folded Width2.64” | 67.1 mm

    Folded Depth0.53” | 13.4 mm

    Product Description

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 is a marvel of design and engineering. With its expansive 7.6" screen, it provides an immersive gaming and cinematic viewing experience.

    Its compact, foldable form makes a massive screen implausibly pocketable. Features like Multi-Window View enhance multitasking, while the S Pen offers on-the-go precision. Its 5th generation foldable technology, long-lasting battery, and powerful Snapdragon® 8 processor provide performance and durability. Available in exclusive colors, it's slim, light, and portable, catering to both entertainment and productivity needs.

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