Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade

November 22, 2005

Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade
Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade Rear Box Controller
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$199.99 (4 GB) - $299.99 (250 GB)

    Resolution1280 x 720 px (720p)

    Height3.27” | 83 mm

    Width10.63” | 270 mm

    Depth10.39” | 264 mm

    Storage4 GB (Internal)

    Weight7.72 lb | 3.5 kg

    Product Description

    The Xbox 360 Arcade, originally known as the Xbox 360 Core, is a significant entry in the Xbox 360 family of gaming consoles. Initially released in 2005, it was a cost-effective option for gamers looking to enjoy the Xbox experience without the inclusion of a built-in hard drive. The console featured a sleek white design that was synonymous with the Xbox 360's early iterations. In 2007, Microsoft rebranded it as the Xbox 360 Arcade to emphasize its suitability for casual gaming and family-friendly experiences.

    Despite the name change, the core hardware components remained unchanged, making it an ideal choice for those interested in arcade-style gaming. Users could still expand their storage using memory units or external hard drives, allowing for a customizable gaming setup. The Xbox 360 Arcade, with its affordability and versatility, played a significant role in expanding the Xbox 360's user base and its library of downloadable arcade games.

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