Microsoft Xbox 360 E

June 10, 2013

Microsoft Xbox 360 E
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$199.99 (4 GB) - $299.99 (250 GB)

    Resolution1280 x 720 px (720p)

    Height3.27” | 83 mm

    Width10.63” | 270 mm

    Depth10.39” | 264 mm

    Storage4 GB (Internal) | 250 GB (Optional)

    Weight7.72 lb | 3.5 kg

    Product Description

    The Xbox 360 E, introduced in 2013, represents a refined and streamlined version of Microsoft's gaming console. Its design departure from previous models features a two-tone rectangular case reminiscent of the Xbox One.

    Despite its compact form factor, the Xbox 360 E maintains robust gaming capabilities, complete with Xbox Live support for online multiplayer and a vast library of games. With HDMI connectivity, wireless controllers, and a modern aesthetic, it offers a reliable and stylish gaming experience while delivering entertainment options that made the Xbox 360 a standout in the gaming world.

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