Microsoft Xbox Series X

November 10, 2020

Microsoft Xbox Series X
Microsoft Xbox Series X Front Top Controller Box
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$499.99

    Resolution7680 × 4320 px (8K)

    Height11.85” | 30.1 cm

    Width5.94” | 15.1 cm

    Depth5.94” | 15.1 cm

    Storage1 TB

    Weight9.7 lb | 4.4 kg

    Product Description

    The Xbox Series X, released in late 2020, marks the next evolution of Microsoft's gaming console dynasty. Succeeding the Xbox One, it competes with gaming powerhouses like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5.

    Codenamed "Project Scarlett" and unveiled at the 25th Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2019, this console boasts remarkable features, including an impressive 8K resolution display, lightning-fast load times, real-time ray-tracing, and enhanced hardware capabilities. Microsoft's commitment extends to ensuring compatibility with accessories, controllers, and games from previous Xbox series (Xbox One and Xbox 360) and streamlining gaming experiences through its online service, Xbox Live. Elevate your gaming with the Xbox Series X.

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