Sony PlayStation 1

December 3, 1994

Sony PlayStation 1
PlayStation 1 Box Controller
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$349

    Resolution640 x 480 px (480p)

    Height2.5" | 63.5 mm

    Width10.75” | 275 mm

    Depth7.5” | 190 mm

    Storage128 KB Memory Card

    Weight3.2 lb | 1.5 kg

    Product Description

    The PlayStation, or PS, an iconic home video game console developed by Sony, made gaming history with its sleek design and innovative CD format. Achieving a groundbreaking milestone, it became the first console to sell 100 million units globally. Initially launched in Japan in December 1994 and later worldwide in 1995, the PlayStation marked the advent of the fifth generation of video game consoles, competing fiercely with Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64.

    Its distinctive controller with four buttons instead of the standard two opened up new gameplay possibilities. Notably, titles like Crash Bandicoot (Naughty Dog, 1996) became classics on this platform. The PlayStation's profound impact on the gaming industry led to its discontinuation in 2006, leaving an enduring legacy in the world of gaming.

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