Sony PlayStation 2 Slim

October 2004

Sony PlayStation 2 Slim
PlayStation 2 Slim Box Controller
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$149.99

    Resolution1280 x 720 px (720p)

    Height1.1” | 2.79 cm

    Width9.09” | 23.1 cm

    Depth5.98” | 15.2 cm

    Storage20 GB, 60 GB

    Weight1.98 lb | .9 kg

    Product Description

    The PlayStation 2 (Slim), introduced in 2004, revolutionized gaming with its sleek and compact design, though it sacrificed an internal hard disk drive, power supply, and expansion bay. Nevertheless, it compensated for these omissions by being network-ready, offering built-in Ethernet support, remote sensors, and an integrated modem, enhancing the gaming experience.

    Its versatility as a CD/DVD player and a vast library of games solidified its position as a gaming icon, and it holds the record for the video game console with the longest lifespan, making it a legendary piece of gaming history.

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