Apple iPhone 14

September 16, 2022

iPhone 14
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
iPhone 14 Rear Camera
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    Product Details

    Display Size6.1” | 154.9 mm

    Resolution2532 x 1170 px; 460 ppi

    ScreenSuper Retina XDR display

    Weight6.07 oz | 172 grams

    Height5.78” | 146.7 mm

    Width2.82” | 71.5 mm

    Retail Price$699 (128 GB) - $799 (256 GB) - $999 (512 GB)

    Product Description

    Released in the summer of 2022 as a successor to the Apple iPhone 13, the Apple iPhone 14 is one of the newest and most affordable models in the Apple phone lineup, compatible with a 5G network.

    Among its standout features are exceptional cameras, a vibrant OLED display, a fast A15 chip for optimal thermal performance, and impressive Action mode video for superior image stabilization when capturing footage. Additionally, it offers crash detection and emergency satellite calling, a repairable design, and operates on iOS 16.

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