Apple iPhone 7 Plus

September 16, 2016

iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7 Plus Side Rear
iPhone 7 Plus Front Rear
iPhone 7 Plus Side All
iPhone 7 Plus Side All
iPhone 7 Plus Front Rear Side
iPhone 7 Plus Side All
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    Product Details

    Display Size5.5” | 140 mm

    Resolution1920 x 1080 px; 401 ppi

    ScreenRetina HD display

    Weight6.6 oz | 188 grams

    Height6.23” | 158.2 mm

    Width3.07” | 77.9 mm

    Retail Price$769 (32 GB) - $869 (128 GB) - $969 (256 GB)

    Product Description

    The iPhone 7 Plus debuted in September 2016 with notable upgrades. It introduced water and dust resistance for added durability. The static home button provided a seamless user experience.

    Removal of the headphone jack sparked controversy. The dual rear camera system improved photography. New color options like matte black, jet black, and red offered personalization. Despite the headphone jack controversy, the iPhone 7 Plus delivered significant design and functionality upgrades, making it an advanced smartphone choice.

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