Nintendo Game Boy Light

April 14, 1998

Nintendo Game Boy Light
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$55

    Resolution160 x 144 pixels

    Display Size2.3” | 58.42 mm

    Height3.57” | 90.6 mm

    Width5.86” | 148.8 mm

    Depth1.28” | 32.4 mm

    Weight7.05 oz | 200 grams

    Product Description

    The Game Boy Light, released by Nintendo in 1998, was a sleek and compact handheld gaming device known for its portability and improved screen visibility. It featured a backlit screen, making it one of the first Game Boy models to offer illuminated gameplay in low-light conditions.

    With its silver and gold color options, it provided gamers with a stylish and functional way to enjoy classic titles on the go. The Game Boy Light's ergonomic design, long battery life, and compatibility with a vast library of Game Boy games made it a popular choice among gamers during its time, offering a convenient and enjoyable gaming experience.

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