Nintendo Virtual Boy

August 14, 1995

Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Virtual Boy Rear Controller Box Gameplay
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$179.95

    Resolution384 x 224 pixels

    Weight4.2 lbs | 1.9 kg

    Height9.25" | 235 mm

    Width7.48" | 190 mm

    Depth14.17" | 360 mm

    Product Description

    The Virtual Boy, a 32-bit tabletop portable video game console created by Nintendo and released in 1995, was marketed as a pioneer in displaying stereoscopic "3D" graphics. Players used it like a head-mounted display, peering into a red monochrome screen that utilized a parallax effect to simulate depth.

    Despite four years of development under the project name VR32 and the use of stereoscopic LED eyepiece technology from US company Reflection Technology, the console faced setbacks due to high costs and potential health concerns. Nintendo redirected resources towards the Nintendo 64, leading to the Virtual Boy's rushed release in an unfinished state. This ill-fated console received criticism for its high price, monochrome display, lackluster stereoscopic effect, poor ergonomics, headaches, and limited portability, ultimately making it Nintendo's lowest-selling standalone console as of March 2021.

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