Nintendo Switch Lite

September 20, 2019

Nintendo Switch Lite
Nintendo Switch Lite Box Holding
Nintendo Switch Lite Box Rear Holding
Nintendo Switch Lite Box Rear Holding
Nintendo Switch Lite Box Rear Holding
Nintendo Switch Lite Box Holding
  • turquoise-icon Turquoise
  • gray-icon Gray
  • yellow-icon Yellow
  • coral-icon Coral
  • blue-icon Blue
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$349.99

    Screen Size5.5” | 139.7 mm

    Resolution1280 x 720 px

    Storage32 GB

    Height3.58” | 91 mm

    Width8.18” | 208 mm

    Depth.55” | 14 mm; 1.12” | 28.4 mm (Full)

    Weight9.77 oz | .277 kg

    Product Description

    The Nintendo Switch Lite, launched by Nintendo on September 20, 2019, is a compact and portable handheld gaming console. It belongs to the eighth generation of gaming consoles and operates on the Nintendo Switch's versatile operating system.

    Featuring integrated joy-con controls, a lightweight design, and compatibility with over 2,000 games, it caters to gamers on the move. Available in vibrant colors such as yellow, gray, turquoise, and coral, the Nintendo Switch Lite offers an accessible and stylish gaming experience for both casual and dedicated gamers.

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