Nintendo GameCube

September 14, 2001

Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo GameCube Controller Box
Nintendo GameCube Controller Box
Nintendo GameCube Controller Box
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$199

    Resolution640 x 480 px

    Weight5.3 lb | 2.4 kg

    Height4.3” | 110 mm

    Width5.9” | 150 mm

    Depth6.3” | 161 mm

    Product Description

    The GameCube, a groundbreaking home video game console introduced by Nintendo in 2001, marked a pivotal moment in gaming history as a sixth-generation console. Distinguished by its utilization of miniDVDs as the primary storage medium, it departed from traditional full-sized DVDs and audio CDs, emphasizing a dedicated gaming experience.

    Additionally, the GameCube offered limited online gaming capabilities for select titles, boasting a sleek array of colors including purple, black, silver, and orange. Its innovative controller design amalgamated features from its predecessors, ultimately ceasing production in 2007.

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