Nintendo Switch

March 3, 2017

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Box All Side Controllers
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    Product Details

    Retail Price$299.99

    Screen Size6.2” | 15.7 cm

    Resolution1280 x 720 px

    Storage32 GB

    Height4.01” | 102 mm

    Width9.40” | 239 mm

    Depth.547” | 13.9 mm; 1.13” | 28.7 mm (Total)

    Weight.88 lb | .4 kg

    Dock Height4.09” | 104 mm

    Dock Width6.81” | 173 mm

    Dock Depth2.12” | 53.8 mm

    Product Description

    The Nintendo Switch, released by Nintendo in March 2017, redefined gaming with its hybrid design that seamlessly transitions between a home console and a portable device. Powered by the Nintendo Switch Operating System, it belongs to the eighth generation of gaming consoles and offers a diverse range of gaming experiences.

    Players can choose between physical cartridges and digital downloads for games and software, making it a versatile platform. With three distinctive gaming modes—TV mode, tabletop mode, and handheld mode—the Nintendo Switch caters to a wide demographic of gamers, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for all. Additionally, the availability of colorful Joy-Con controllers allows users to personalize their gaming setup and showcase their unique preferences.

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